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It all started when our founder, Casey, was a young chicken farmer who loved music, lights, and dancing. His family was always attending weddings and celebrations when he was a child, and he soon became obsessed with anything and everything involving the DJ. He loved the dancing, lights, music, and most of all--the people. His mini egg-selling business, along with some serious begging, landed him his first set of disco lights, and Viola! LPB was born!
His collection of disco lights and gigs at 8th grade dances quickly escalated into three booming sound systems, a massive collection of lightning-awesome lights, and exciting and memorable productions! Casey DJ'ed his first wedding the summer before his freshman year of high school, and his spunky personality allowed him to DJ almost all of his school's dances. He continued to expand his business by DJing dances at other local schools and appearing at multiple weddings. We have since DJ'ed over 100 weddings, countless high school and grammar school dances, and a variety of exciting events where we feature our crowd pleasing photo booth and lighting. We have been in business for 11 years now and are looking forward to bringing our experience to your event. We can't to welcome you into our family! 
Our founder, Casey Eicholtz, DJing one of his very first dances as an 8th grader.

About our business

why we're here, how we got started

Why did you get started?

We found a need for quality entertainment in the area, specifically for weddings and high school dances.  We are proud to be raising expectations of event professionals in the area.

What has been our proudest moment?

A bride called us to ask "when" we were available, not "if".  She wanted to make sure she would pick a date that we would be available. We are happy to say that this happens often.

Do you love doing what you do?

Of course!  If we didn't love it, we wouldn't do it.  Providing quality entertainment for events is our passion.  We look forward to serving each and every one of you.

FAQ about Us

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